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Valerie began a journey in the field of health forty-two years ago. After becoming a Registered Nurse in 1977, she worked at the Medical Surgical Floor at Calvert Memorial Hospital. Other areas of interests and experience have been the Intensive Care Unit, Psychiatry, Telemetry, Post Anesthesia, and Home Health. These experiences have led her to the current path she has now undertaken.

Valerie continued her studies at Baltimore school of Massage and became a Licence massage therapist in 1996. She is now both nationally and state certified and a member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association). Her specialties include Neuromuscular pain relief massage, CranioSacral and Somato Release work, and Lymphatic Drainage.

She is also trained in deep tissue, swedish, myofascial and LaStone body techniques and massage work. In 2006 Valerie returned to school to study anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal tract and became a Colon Hydrotherapist as well. She is also certified at the National and International  advanced level.  She also teaches nutrition, detoxify programs and general colon maintenance.

Valerie also continues to be a part of the integrative medicine department at Calvert Memorial Hospital giving massages to new mothers.

Valerie's skills, knowledge, and expertise has given her the qualifications of a refined massage therapist and educator and has allowed her to be cutting edge in complimentary health care today. Having been a native to this area, she is well known through out the professional community and locally through many friends and relatives.

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